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The 5Cs and the Habit of Mind, Ownership

The 5Cs: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship/Stewardship, and the Habit of Mind of Ownership


  • I take turns talking and listening.
  • I speak clearly and loudly.
  • I use images, drawings, props, writing, numbers, technology, and/or other tools.
  • I look at my partner/audience
  • I listen carefully to my partner or the speaker



  • I complete work on time
  • I help the team
  • I listen to the ideas of others
  • I share ideas with the team



  • I think of ideas for a project
  • I help improve the team’s ideas
  • I try again when an idea doesn’t work


Critical Thinking 

  • I explain why we are doing a project or lesson
  • I explain my idea and say why it is a good one
  • I use feedback to improve work
  • I ask questions to help me understand
  • I use information from other places (research)


Citizenship/ Stewardship 

  • I take care of myself and my belongings
  • I care for my classmates
  • I take care of my classroom
  • I take care of my school
  • I resolve my conflicts peacefully.


  • I take ownership of my own learning
  • I take ownership of my own behavior
  • I create personal learning goals