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San Carlos School District Calendar

The SCSD Calendar is the official calendar for the school year for all schools (except San Carlos Charter) and includes all start and end dates, official holidays, and in-service teacher workdays. Go to the SCSD Calendar page to download a pdf version.

Subscribing to School/District Calendars

Never miss a school event again! You can subscribe to your school's and the SCSD calendar so that the events will load onto your favorite supported calendar program (iCal/Outlook, Google, or Download ICS).
  1. Go to our SCSD Events page,
  2. Check the boxes for the calendars you want to subscribe to (school(s)/district),
  3. Click on Subscribe on the top right of the page and choose your preferred calendar program

Heather Calendar

Stay up-to-date on schoolwide events by subscribing to the Heather Calendar. Our calendar shows events that are applicable to all students or parents. For class-specific activities and events, talk to your teacher or room parent.