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Heather’s PlayPod

Heather School has a PlayPod!
See our new 1-minute Heather PlayPod video, starring Heather Kids!

This new, innovative play environment is designed to:
  • Improve creative thinking, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills
  • Foster imaginative play, as well as social-emotional skills during outdoor playtime
  • Enhance and diversify play
  • Provide open-ended play opportunities to be enjoyed independently or collaboratively
Learn More Here:
  • Principal Bulletin, May 2017 Introducing the PlayPod concept
The best way to describe a PlayPod is to see one in action.
For photos of PlayPods in action, check out this collection.

PlayPod Rules
Keeping it Going
  • Keeping our PlayPod Stocked with Wonderful Things!
  • We need supervision in order to open the PlayPod for lunch recess. Please consider helping out: sign up calendar