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School Site Council

The Heather School Site Council consists of 5 parent or community members and 5 staff members, which always includes the principal. Parent/community members are selected through the election process. There are approximately 6 – 7 meetings scheduled each year. Meetings are usually scheduled on selected Tuesday or Thursday afternoons at 3:05 and are held in the Heather Staff Room.

The Council is responsible for:
  • Providing input into the development of the annual school improvement plan
  • Aligning funds to the plan
  • Monitoring the progress of the school improvement plan
  • Providing feedback to the Superintendent regarding the District’s Strategic Plan
The Site Council is evolving into a more dynamic group, and has become an important part of the district’s “accordion” model of taking in and sending out information, to and from the district and individual sites, working together to “make things happen” to improve the work we do for kids. We are working at making our Heather Site Council a place where parents and staff can engage in discussions about what is really going on at school and the district regarding school programs. What’s working, what’s not, what can we do together to make improvements?

All Heather parents are invited to attend Site Council meetings. Agendas will be posted the week prior to the meeting, and if you have something you would like added to the agenda, or a future agenda item, please email the SSC 2018-19 Co-Presidents, Kacey Heal and Pranita Venkatesh  or Principal Pam Jasso.

Per our Bylaws, the Purpose and Responsibilities of SSC:
  • the primary responsibility of the Heather School Site Council is to provide input into the development annual school improvement plan, to review its implementation, to assess the effectiveness of the plan, and to provide input in modifying the plan to reflect changing needs and priorities.
  • The Heather SSC purpose and duties also include disseminating information to the greater Heather community, along with soliciting and providing input to influence decision making to improve school programs.
  • The Heather SSC also reviews and discusses site budget allocations and expenditures, providing input and suggestions to influence decision making that support the site plan.
  • In addition, the Heather SSC reviews and discuss district policies and endeavors, providing input to influence decision making at the district level.