Heather School is proud to be able to offer multiage classrooms. For over 15 years, in addition to our single grade programs, Heather has offered various multiage configurations, including K/1, 1st/2nd, 2nd-3rd, and K-2nd.  Multiage classes are by design as opposed to combination classes which are due to enrollment numbers. Children assigned to multiage classes “loop”  for one or two years with the same teacher.

This year’s multiage classes include:
  • Mrs. Kostainsek’s K/1st
  • Mrs. FitzGerald's K/1st
  • Mrs. Traylor’s K-2nd
  • Ms. Rosenblatt's, K-3rd
  • Ms. Robinson's, 2nd/3rd
For more information on the Multiage Program see the following communications:
Multiage Information (post TK/K Orientation) 2022

Principal Bulletin, “Multiage & Collaborative Teaching”, April 2014

Multiage Q & A, April 2014

Heather’s multiage program was recognized at the January 23, 2020 “Spotlight on Excellence”. The presentation can be seen in the first part of the board meeting video. (The Heather multiage spotlight starts at the 25:30 minute mark.)