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Sept. DL Attendance, School-wide Expectations & Destressing

Now that we are heading into the second full week of school and you will soon have a chance to learn more about your child(ren)’s classroom(s) at tonight's Back to School Night, we are working hard to implement the routines and expectations that come with the new school year. Students are learning classroom rules, expected behaviors for live instruction, and how to transition into the “school” mindset. For some children, this settling-in process seems smooth, and for others, it takes longer and may require additional support and effort . . . READ MORE
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Parent/Teacher Conferences: Week of October 5

Beginning next Monday, October 5th, our school will be hosting parent/teacher conferences focused on building a strong, meaningful connection between staff and families. Teacher and parent(s) will discuss student needs, areas of strength, and learning goals. The conversation may pertain to social/emotional needs, academics, and/or student independence depending on the needs of the child. Read More
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Campus Closed

Heather School will be open to staff and certain limited services only. We are asking for your support in helping enforce social distancing protocols (such as these recommended by the WHO) for the good of our community. Read More
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Math Benchmark Assessment, T1

Dear Heather Parents,
As you know through your classroom communications, Heather students, grades 1-3, have taken or will be taking a math benchmark assessment at the end of the first trimester, in November or December. . . . read more
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