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Principal's Bulletin: May 16, A Strong Finish

We are definitely in the home stretch of the school year! It has been such an amazing year with so much to celebrate as we finish up the school year. Please mark your calendars for these important dates and events, listed below.

In order to help keep our community safe during these many end-of-year events, I want to share the most recent San Mateo County Office of Education Guidance: READ MORE

Principal's Bulletin: May Mental Health Month Newsletter

This week’s Principal’s Bulletin is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Month. Please take some time to read this important information with a Q&A about children’s mental health with Ilana Yakubovich, director of Health and Wellness for the school district. READ MORE

Principal's Bulletin, Apr. 18: Your Child's Sleep

Teachers often report that their students are tired and sleepy in class, and struggle to stay attentive and focused. Studies have shown that kids who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep have improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health. READ MORE

Principal's Bulletin, April 11: Heather Spring Events

Although we still have two months of school left, and still lots to do and learn, our calendar is filling up with end-of-the-year activities and I want to invite you to get out your calendars and start saving some dates to look forward to. READ MORE

Principal's Bulletin, April 4: Learning Friendship Skills

This year has been especially important for all of us to support our students in learning social-emotional skills. All of our students at Heather are learning how to make and keep friends through lessons in the classroom and out on the playyard. Read More

Principal's Bulletin, March 21, Fostering the Love of Literacy

As we round the corner and head into the last couple of months of school, we want to emphasize the importance of nurturing the love of literacy both at school and at home. Whether you are reading aloud to your child or they are reading on their own, research shows that the more books a child reads, the stronger their brain development is. READ MORE

Principal's Bulletin, March 7, Ability Awareness Week

The mission of Ability Awareness week throughout the San Carlos School District is to promote understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of individual learning and ability differences through fun, experiential activities. READ MORE

Principal's Bulletin, Feb. 28, 2022: Assessment Season

March also marks the beginning of our assessment season. As we conclude the end of the 2nd trimester, teachers will be taking time during class to assess student progress in reading, writing, and math. READ MORE
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