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Keeping our PlayPod Stocked with Wonderful Things!


Now that our PlayPod is “open for kid business”, we need to keep it stocked with fun things to build and imagine with. We welcome donations. Please see our Need List below. If you have something outside of the Need List that you think might be of interest to the imagination of a child, please email us a photo and description. We will then let you know if we can use it or not, as we only have so much room in the PlayPod at a time.

This list will continue to develop, so please come back often! If you have ideas to add to the list, send Pam Jasso an email!


Need List

  • Clean new car tire
  • Clean new bike tire
  • Pieces of artificial turf carpet material (small enough for kids to move around and put back inside a storage bin)
  • Tubes of all sizes, plastic and durable cardboard
  • Steering wheels
  • Old telephones   . . . .  does anyone have a “dial” telephone to donate??
  • PVC plastic gutters and connectors, of all sizes,
  • Long plastic tubes cut in ½
  • Large cardboard boxes
  • Long and/or large foam pieces
  • Spools
  • Smooth pieces of wood
  • Ventilation hose and ducts
  • Interesting fabric or clean carpet pieces 

Please email Pam Jasso if you are able to donate anything from the list to confirm we have space

If you have stuff that isn’t listed on the list, but might be of interest, please email Pam Jasso  with a photo to check.